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The Tan Commandments

Aka What Every Girl Should Know About Tanning.

Before you lay out your favorite beach towel and spend time under the sun, read up on what you should know about getting a tan:


1. Pick a broad spectrum sunblock.

Always look for the words “broad spectrum” on the label of a sunscreen. This means that it has the proper ingredients to shield you from both UVA and UVB rays from the sun. UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin and can cause premature aging and damage. UVB rays, on the other hand, cause sunburn. This is why you need a sunblock that can protect you from both.

2. Exfoliate your skin.

Slough away dead skin cells by scrubbing your skin a day or two before you go tanning. This way, you’re left with healthy, glowing skin.

3. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen EVERYWHERE.

We mean everywhere! Your face, ears, neck, nape, in between your thighs, and even on your hair. Get as much sun protection as possible!

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4. Drink lots of water.

Keep yourself from dehydration by chugging down lots of water. Don’t forget to pack an extra bottle for when you’re under the sun.

5. Try eating tomatoes.

Studies found that tomatoes actually help in fighting sun damage. Specifically, the lycopene content in tomatoes has been found to protect the skin from UV rays.

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While tanning:

1. Time it.

As tempting as it is to just lay down the whole afternoon, that’s actually very dangerous. Limit your tanning sesh to 30-40 minutes only. That way, you can get some color without the sunburn.

2. Schedule it, too.

Stay away from the sun any time between 10 a.m.-4 p.m., because that’s when UV rays are at their strongest.

3. Wear wide brimmed hats and shades.

Wide brimmed hats will give your scalp, face, and neck enough coverage from the sun. Pick shades that have UV protection, so you don’t risk damaging your eyes.

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4. Drink lots and lots of water.

Hydration is key, ladies!


1. Shower!

Hop in the shower and use a moisturizing body wash to get rid of any excess sunblock. Make sure to regulate your shower temperature—scalding hot showers, relaxing as they may be, can actually suck out your skin’s natural moisture.

2. Slather on the lotion

Get a nourishing lotion to soothe your skin after exposing it to the sun. If you got a bit of sunburn, apply aloe vera gel to take care of that area.  

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