These Mani-Pedi Habits Are Destroying Your Nails

Are you guilty of some of them?

We get manicures and pedicures to keep our nails in tip-top shape, but sometimes, it's all for naught when we commit bad habits unknowingly. Read on to find out if you're guilty of these common manicure sins!

You trim ingrown nails and cuticles.
You’re only making it worse when you cut the ingrown nail. A podiatrist would be the best person to address this problem. Cuticles, on the other hand, are meant to protect the nail bed from infection. Simply push them back for prettier manicure and pedicure results.

You shave off your calluses.

Using a razor may cause bleeding and infection. To soften calluses, dip your tootsies in a warm foot soak, slough away dead skin with a foot scrub, and gently smoothen the callus with a foot file. Afterwards, massage with lotion to seal the moisture in.

You leave your polish on forever.
Forgetting the existence of polished digits will leave your nails dehydrated and result in brittle nails and white spots on the nail bed. Leave polish two weeks at the most to let your nails breathe.


You don’t show up on time.

Your nail spa attendant needs enough time to give you a proper mani-pedi. If you show up late, she may have to rush the job and leave you with streaky nail polish, or worse, she could accidentally injure you. As with any other appointment, arrive a few minutes before your slot. This ensures that you get top service and you can choose polish without pressure.

You talk on the phone the whole time.

Your chatter with your friend on the other line may not be entertaining for the other customers who would like to relax. Plus, your attendant may have a hard time clarifying some of your "special requests." Put your phone down and relax. You could probably use a digital detox anyway.  

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