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These Gold Tattoos Are Seriously Cool

And they're only temporary!

Want to get inked—minus the commitment? Well, now you can, because we found these really cool gold and silver temporary tattoos that are too pretty, they can double as jewelry!

Case in point:

They're called Lulu DK Tattoos—made by designer Lulu deKwiatkowski—and they're basically those stick-on tattoos you liked putting on when you were 7 years old. Only these things are prettier, come in a bunch of metallic designs, and last about 4 to 6 days.

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Each pack contains two sheets with your design of choice, which you can stick anywhere on your body (your wrist, neck, nape, backyes, all at the same time!). What we love about them is that you can combine the designs with your other statement jewelry to accessorize your outfit! Like so:

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Aren't they pretty?

The brand seems to market these tattoos for the beach (because they glisten under the sun!), but we're definitely wearing them for our formal night events. Because when you have these on your arm, who needs expensive jewelry?

Lulu DK Tattoos are available at the Common Thread branches in Power Plant and Greenbelt 5 for P1,200-P1,500.