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Wow! YouTube Vlogger Mae Layug Tried A 5-Minute Nose Job

You have to see the before-and-after pictures.
PHOTO: (left) instagram/maelayug, (RIGHT) youtube/mae layug

South Korea is famous for its beauty enhancement procedures that are not halata or that make one look "fresh lang." Clinics that offer these services are abundant in the country, so if one is looking into getting some cosmetic procedures done, it can be quite overwhelming. Thankfully, YouTube vlogger Mae Layug shared her experience on her channel, and we think her video could be the ultimate guide. Like Raiza Contawi, Mae employed the services of beauty concierge, Jivaka.

Mae got a non-surgical nose job, Botox, and Shurink from Bioface, a surgical clinic located in Gangnam. She's been wanting a nose bridge for the longest time, so she opted to get fillers to enhance her nose. As for the other procedures, she chose them to score a more defined jawline. She walked us through the whole process, and she explained everything a potential patient needs to know.

  1. It's painless.

    Although her procedure called for long, scary-looking needles, Mae assured her viewers that there was no pain. The doctor applied numbing cream prior to the treatment, so the only sensation left was some pressure and a bit of discomfort.

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  2. There's no downtime.

    Her cosmetic enhancements did not stop her from enjoying the sights in South Korea. But she did say that she took medicines to prevent inflammation and adverse reactions to the procedures.

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  3. Entrust your face only to certified clinics.

    For your safety, she emphasized that you must only choose clinics that are certified and legit. Fillers, Botox, and plastic surgery can lead to dangerous consequences if these are done via fly-by-night clinics. She suggests to book through Jivaka, because they can serve as a middleman and English translator.

BTW, in case you're curious, here's what Mae looked like before the procedure:

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And the results after:

Watch her whole experience here!

Mae Layug: I tried the 5-minute non-surgical nose job in Korea + one month after update

Thank you for being so honest about this, Mae! It was a truly informative video. 

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