What Do You Mean You Still Don't Own A Makeup Primer?

This is the ultimate beauty secret!

Runway shows always boast of gorgeous, glowing skin—as if they’re not wearing any makeup at all (which they totally are, btw). So what’s the secret behind their kakainggit, perfect complexions? Primers, baby!

“Excessive makeup is a big no-no nowadays, both in show business and everyday life,” says Danny Sanz, creator and creative director of Make Up For Ever. “People dream of makeup that enhances the skin without drawing attention to it. So obviously, what goes on under the color is very important.”

To amp up their primer game, Make Up For Ever came up with Step 1—a collection of 11 expert formulas that can transform any skin and help prolong your makeup’s lasting power. They’re going to be available at our local stores at the end of the month, so scope out the face base what you want to buy now! It can get confusing to figure which one is best for you, so here’s an easy way to break it down:

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 Your Problem: Skin Texture & Finish

“The white primers, which are all actually translucent, are designed to correct all problems on the surface from excess sebum to a lack of nutrition, or a flawed skin texture,” says Sanz.

 Your Problem: An Unhappy Skin Tone

These are “primers of all colors that readjust the skin’s tonality,” explains Sanz. So if your skin is dull, too sallow, or in need of good ol’ radiance boost, these are what you should invest in.

Despite the many formulas, Sanz says all the primers are united in their one and only beauty goal: to revive every woman’s makeup and glow. “Primers dare for skin that’s beautiful even before makeup is applied,” says Sanz. Try applying it over your skin before your foundation and watch the beauty magic happen!

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