Why Coconut Oil Should Be Your New Beauty Obsession

So. Many. Benefits.

1. It will give you super soft and strong hair. Use coconut oil as a deep conditioning treatment. Before going to bed, take around three to five tablespoons of oil, apply it on dry hair, and then put on a shower cap. When you wake up in the morning, shampoo your hair as you would, and your locks will look and feel so much softer!

2. It will moisturize your skin. Get softer and smoother skin by replacing your lotion with coconut oil, because it’s full of Vitamin E. You can also use it to soothe your skin after shaving (it’s even safe to use on your bikini line!). When choosing an oil, try to get one that’s organic so you won’t have to deal with toxins and parabens.

3. It’s a cheap alternative to eye cream. And it will be just as effective as that P5,000 anti-aging wonder you bought last month.

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4. You can use it to exfoliate. Mix in some sugar and start scrubbing. Your skin will be left smooth and moisturized.

5. It can work as a makeup remover. The oil will get rid of the most stubborn waterproof mascara!

6. It will help make your lashes and brows grow longer. Religiously apply a bit of the oil on the areas before you go to sleep, and you will see results after a few days.

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7. You can use it for hand jobs. Replace your lube with coconut oil! Not only is it cheaper, but it can also help reduce the risk of infections because of its antifungal properties. Bonus: coconut oil actually tastes good. *wink*

Just remember that because it IS oil, you cannot use it with a condom.

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