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Woke Up With A Pimple? Use A Painkiller To Treat An Ugly Zit

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Zits always come at the worst possible time—in the morning of a first date, before a big presentation at work, that ONE day you're bound to bump into your crush in between classes...we can go on and on, really.

While we can give you a variety of topical treatments to banish that big and angry pimple overnight (VMV Hypoallergenic's Monolaurin Gel is a total keeper!), sometimes you just need a little DIY magic.

We learned an at-home trick from the World Wide Web this week, and we think y'all should give it a shot!

You'll need: an aspirin, a spoon, and distilled water.

It's really easy, because all you have to do is crush the aspirin using the back of the spoon. Mix with a couple of drops of water until it becomes pasty, and then leave the treatment on your zit for five minutes. Rinse with water after.

While it won't magically remove your pimple, the solution will reduce your zit's redness—making it easier for you to conceal it with makeup.

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Another alternative is using a gel-based painkiller—like Advil, which is an ibuprofen. In English, that just means it's anti-inflammatory and will reduce your zit's swelling.

How about you? What anti-acne treatments have you been using?

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