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Your Guy Can Smell Like Colin Farrell Now!

Today in Super Important News!

We have finally come to terms that Colin Farrell is not our boyfriend. But that's okay, because the Irish actor is the newest face of Dolce & Gabbana's Intenso perfume. Which is great because at least now our boyfriends can smell like him!

This perfume is strong and musky at first spritz, but there are also a bit of floral and honey accents that don't make the scent overpowering. It's fresh (the perfume also contains basil and lavender), yet warm (sandalwood and cypress)—so if that is what Colin Farrell smells like, we would like 10 bottles of this, please. 


Sure, it was made for guys, but we don't see why you ladies shouldn't spritz this on, too.

Hi, Colin, you sexy piece of man, you.

Intenso is available at all Rustan's beauty counters for P3,550 (40mL), P4,550 (75mL), and P6,250 (125mL).

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