Game Of Thrones Fans Lost Themselves After Losing A Heartthrob

SPOILER ALERT: Do NOT read on if you haven't finished season five.

Fans of the HBO drama Game of Thrones (or: THE BEST SHOW EVER UNTIL S5E10!) threw major fits online because of Jon Snow's death. Jon Snow, who is supposed to be the chosen one and the soul of the series!!

This fifth season started slow. There was the long travel of Tyrion Lannister to Mereen. Stannis and his army at the Wall. Everything that happened in Dornethose Sandsnakes so did not live up to the hype. It only picked up at the end of episode eight with the White Walkers. And then come this last episode, BAM. BAM. BAM. One character dies after another. Some deaths seemed unearned. Still, we cheered for some (aka Myranda) and RAGED FOR SOME:

I'm not alone, but that doesn't comfort me. What does though are the theories that Jon Snow will live again! One of them is that Melisandre will revive him. She's at the Wall and she's got that Lord-of-Light magic that can resurrect people favored by the Lord (like Beric Dondarrion in season three).

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Also, rumor has it Kit Harrington is still on his contract (until season 7!). Okay, D.B. Weiss, creator of GoT did say "Dead is dead." But George R.R. Martin, the author of the book A Song of Ice and Fire which the show is based on, consoles us with "If there’s one thing we know in [the book], it’s that death is not necessarily permanent." YEEEEEEEEES.

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Now, George, finish writing book seven ASAP!

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