'It Girl' Recap: What Happened In The Series Premiere

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We haven’t been this excited for a reality show to premiere, like, ever. With our very obvious obsession with Georgina Wilson, Isabelle Daza, Liz Uy, and Solenn Heussaff, it was no surprise that we literally waited in front of the TV (IKR?!) for the clock to strike 8 p.m last night to catch the series premiere of It Girls on E!

As the credits rolled in with a real catchy upbeat tune (reminiscent of the bygone era of ANTM), we got hyped. The season opener, aptly titled "‘It Girls’, Explained," was an introductory episode featuring the individual lives of the fab four. Here’s a quick recap and some major highlights (WITHOUT GIVING AWAY TOO MANY SPOILERS) of the It Girls premiere:

Solenn Heussaff

Solenn is struggling to balance her new marriage with our favorite funny man Nico Bolzico (I swear, we LOL’d when he first appeared on screen) and all her work commitments. Sos barely has time to see her new hubby, and it’s revealed that the It Girls see more of Nico than they do Solenn.

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Georgina Wilson

One of the most touching moments of the ep happened when George first revealed to the girls that she was pregnant. And, yup, there were a lot of happy tears! George was then shown juggling a number of big changes in her life: an unexpected pregnancy, her new marriage to Arthur Burnand, and her "first baby" Sunnies.

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Liz Uy

All four of these women are hard workers, but Liz takes dedication to a higher level. Being a top stylist to the stars, Liz is seen being the fabulous girl boss that she is to her StyLIZed Studio team while she tinkers away on either her phone or laptop. But, yes, Liz is definitely GOALS.

Isabelle Daza

Belle’s arc was a major plot point in the episode and it was full-on dramatic. Having recently lost her father, Belle was obviously shaken while she opened up about their strained relationship. What made matters worse was Belle breaking down over her then-fiancé (now hubby) Adrien Semblat’s mysterious illness which prompted her to take a sudden leave from work and wedding preps.

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As the 30-minute episode came to a close, we were devastated. No, really, we were. WE NEEDED MORE. But, alas, we have to wait another week to see, as the next episode reel suggested, the girls try on fabulous wedding gowns yes, single girl Liz, included. 

It Girls is directed by the squad’s resident It Boy Raymond Gutierrez and airs every Monday night at 8 p.m. only on E!

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