10 Reasons You Should Watch Katy Perry: Part Of Me

Ever wondered what a day in the life of this pop superstar is like? Let this documentary show you the woman behind the crazy hair, cheeky costumes, and catchy songs.

Love her or hate her, one thing's for sure: Katy Perry is one of the biggest pop icons of our time. We can name all her chart-topping songs, marvel at her crazy costumes, and talk at length about her failed high-profile romances with Russell Brand and John Mayer. But how well do we really know the girl beyond the showbiz glare?

We recently watched a premiere screening of Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D, the documentary film featuring the pop star's life on- and off-stage, at Gateway Cineplex 10, and left the cinema with newfound respect for this beautiful, hardworking musician. Read on for 10 reasons YOU should catch this in theaters, too.

1. Before Katy Perry, there was Katy Hudson. What was Katy like before she donned the cupcake costumes and pin-up outfits? Name change aside, you'll see in this movie that she's still the same person she used to be, and for as long as her parents could remember, she has always been passionate about music. Here's a shocker, though: Katy had never heard of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, until she was 17! 

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2. Watch Katy's unearthed home videos of her singing along with the church choir, vlogging, and of her recording visits back as a teenager. We must say, she had the charm even back then.

3. Katy shares all the challenges and struggles she experienced as a singer-songwriter. She didn’t become an overnight sensation when she released her hit single “I Kissed A Girl”; in fact, she had two unsuccessful records before that. To say she worked hard to reach what she has now is an understatement; she also fought hard for her dreams.

4. With that said, Katy lets you listen to a few of the many unreleased songs she wrote when she was a teenager. Word has it she gave some songs to Kelly Clarkson to be released.

5. You’ll meet Katy’s uber-supportive family. Even though she grew up in a conservative family, her parents learned to love her taste in music (and clothes). Plus, meet her doppelgänger sister, Angela Hudson, who also made a cameo in one of her concerts.

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6. A backstage pass to her Califonia Dreams tour? Yes, please! See how Katy's dream team glammed her up before her concert, catch footage from her costume fittings and rehearsals, find out how and where she spends her free day from her tour, and witness just how fun and crazy her team is!

7. You're used to spotting Katy in her signature eye makeup, loud hair colors, and crazy fashion concoctions, but in this documentary, you'll see her in sweatpants sans the overdone makeup, outrageous hair, and cheeky outfits. Even with her face bare, we think Katy still looks mighty purrty! (Let us know what YOU think of her makeup-free face by voting in our poll here.)

8. Get to know other Katy fans. And by other fans we mean famous singers like Rihanna, Jessie J, and Adele, who are self-confessed fans of the pop star! Watch these ladies (and some more) as they make cameos and show their love for Katy and her music.

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9. We were all devastated to hear about her divorce with actor Russell Brand, and Katy doesn't shy away from the sensitive issue in this movie (although she didn't exactly mention why they broke up.) Props to Katy for sharing her side of the story, let alone let the whole world see how greatly she was affected by her marriage falling apart during her concert tour.

10. Watching the movie in 3D is like watching her perform live! If you missed her California Dreams concert in Manila last January, catching this movie in 3D is the closest you'll get to seeing her in the flesh. Be amazed by the Candyland set, her sparkly and flamboyant costumes, and her energetic performances. You'll really feel like you were there, front and center! And that's how a true-blue Katy fan rolls.

 Katy Perry: Part of Me is now showing in theaters nationwide.

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