10 Things That Make Me Happy: Jen Gerodias Diaz of Snoe Beauty Inc.

The Snoe Beauty Inc. CEO and owner shares a few of her favorite things.

Jen Gerodias Diaz, the brainchild of local beauty brand Snoe Beauty Inc., admitted she had no idea her business would expand like this. "I actually started with 12 soaps! But my husband made a comment, saying, 'Since you keep buying and hoarding beauty products, why don't you make a career out of it?' That made me really think about starting my own business."

From there, the brand boomed—expanding into skin care, bath care, whitening, and makeup products. "We just kept moving forward, and I found it really exciting because this was something I was so passionate about."

All that hard work paid off when Jen started selling her products at Urban Outfitters branches in the U.S. last May. "We're now an international beauty brand, and we're coming up with more products for 2014. Minsan nakakaloka na!"
Despite her success, Jen admits that at the end of the day, being with family keeps her grounded. "Things don't make me happy; people do."

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