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10 Things You Need To Know About Song Joong Ki

Meet the 'Descendants of the Sun' actor we all call oppa.

Admit it: You’re now curious about K-drama Descendants of the Sun after seeing this handsome mug all over your friends’ feeds.

That, CGs, is Song Joong Ki. The 30-year old baby-faced actor plays army captain Yoo Si Jin on the hit TV show—and he’s also set to conquer every girl’s heart, one puppy dog gaze at a time. Here, 10 facts about him:

1. Song Joong Ki made his acting debut in the 2008 erotic period drama A Frozen Flower.
Don’t watch the film expecting some hot and steamy scenes with Joong Ki though! As one of the king’s soldiers, Joong Ki’s character meets his untimely demise via decapitation.

2. He totally understands your skin care obsession! In 2010, Joong Ki came out with a men’s health and grooming book called Beautiful Skin Project, to help men achieve the same flawless complexion he has. Funnily enough, a significant chunk of customers were female. Figures.

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3. He gained prominence as a member of hit Korean variety show Running Man.
He earned the nickname Active Joong Ki because of his positivity and enthusiasm, and in many occasions, proved just how intelligent he is.

Sadly, Joong Ki left the show after one year to focus on his acting career. Try not to tear up as you watch this clip of Joong Ki saying goodbye to his castmates!

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4. Joong Ki was promoted from corporal to sergeant during his two-year mandatory military service.
He entered the 102th unit at Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, South Korea on August 26, 2013, and was discharged on May 26, 2015. Ever so sweet, he told members of the press and fans at his discharge ceremony, “Thank you all for coming all the way out here [to greet me]. I’m not sure if I’m causing an inconvenience. I’m sergeant Song Joong Ki.” He also added, “My fans provided me with the most strength during my military service… I think the only way to repay the love of my fans is to show a better side [of myself] from now on.”

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5. Speaking of military service, Joong Ki used one of his vacation days to attend the wedding of the sister of his best friend, fellow actor Lee Kwang Soo. Friend goals or what?

6. Joong Ki has a pretty good set of pipes!
Listen to “Really” from his drama The Innocent Man below:

7. He’s quite the athlete, too.
When he was younger, Joong Ki was a short track speed racer who competed—and won—in South Korea’s National Games. He’s also a competent soccer player and has played in the Asian Dream Cup a few times.

8. He has a heart of gold!
News recently broke out that Joong Ki is a philanthropist who has been supporting the Korean Childhood Leukemia Foundation since 2011. Through his endeavors, 10 cancer-afflicted kids have received treatment. “Song Joong Ki wanted to do this quietly, but it seems like it was revealed through the blog post,” a representative from the actor’s agency said, referring to an entry in the foundation’s blog about Joong Ki’s generous deeds.

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9. He has just been named an honorary ambassador for Korean tourism.
Expect to see more of his commercials and print advertisements this year!

10. Descendants of the Sun is Joong Ki’s first role after his military service.
The show is already super popular in Korea and parts of Asia that even the BBC had to report about it! If you’re still not hooked on Yoo Si Jin and Dr. Kang’s love story, you really are missing out.

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