10 Types of Drunk People

Which of the following symptoms match your drunk persona?

The Emotional Drunk

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Symptoms: cries for no reason, tells all the people in the room (strangers included) he/she loves them, brings up the past (particularly exes), talks non-stop about current problems

The Angry Drunk

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Symptoms: lashes out (again, for no particular reason), judges everyone, prone to giving the “once over," picks a fight, ditches backstabbing and goes for all-out confrontations

The Clingy Drunk

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Symptoms: suddenly becomes everyone’s BFF, excessive hugging and/or kissing, blocks the door so people don’t leave the party, can never be left alone

The Big Spender

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Symptoms: offers to buy shots and drinks for everyone, leaves credit card on tab and doesn’t bother checking the bill before signing, wakes up the next morning with an empty wallet

The Happy Drunk

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Symptoms: randomly bursts into song, hugs everyone in sight, starts a congo line or a dance party, jumps from group to group, screams “OMG I love this song!” every time a new song comes on

The Introverted Drunk

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Symptoms: strays away from the crowd, stares into open space, puts on a serious face, asks not to be bothered when someone tries to start a conversation

The Philosophical Drunk

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Symptoms: contemplates the “deeper meaning of life” with anyone willing to listen, experiences more than one light bulb moment in between drinks, shouts things like “Seize the day!” before or after taking shots

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The Flirty Drunk

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Symptoms: gets very touchy, needs to be the center of attention, tries to make eye contact with every cute guy/girl in the room, tends to make inappropriate comments (e.g. "Is that your girlfriend? Yeah, I'm hotter.")

The Fearless Drunk

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Symptoms: never says "no," downs shots like there’s not tomorrow, challenges people to drinking games, YOLO personified

The K.O. Drunk

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Symptoms: one shot, two shots, three shots…GONE, doesn't remember anything from the party and relies on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to piece the night together

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