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11 Important Things the Kardashian/Jenner Sisters Want You to Know About Their New Apps

It's like a wine flight, only instead of different kinds of wine, Kardashian apps!

​"I can't even think straight. What is life?!" exclaimed a young woman leaving the Apple store in New York City's Soho neighborhood Monday afternoon. "Oh my god. Kendall looked at me twice!" 

She and her friend were breathless after witnessing all five Kardashian/Jenner sisters sit on a stage for half an hour to discuss their new suite of apps in a conversation moderated by Fortune writer Leena Rao. The crowd included a squealing young woman wearing a pink feathered tiara, a young man who informed the sisters they looked "drop-dead sickening," and a dog wearing sneakers. 

The apps, which launched today in Apple's app store, allow fans of the sisters a voyeuristic view into, as they described it, their various "passions." You can watch Kendall behind the scenes at a fashion show, get Khloé's workout routine, or see a beauty tutorial from Kylie or Kim. Here are some highlights from the discussion, which was, by the way, a historic occasion: This was the very first time, Kim informed the crowd, that all five sisters spoke on one stage together.


1. The sisters chose to launch five different apps as opposed to one mega Kardash-Jenner app about all of them because they wanted to showcase their individual passions and personalities. "We obviously love the same things, but we have such different passions," Kim explained. "Kylie loves her makeup, and, you know, she's really into showing a lot of her dogs and the things in her house. Kendall is always running around, all around the world, modeling and has these amazing adventures. Kourtney has this whole mom life that's so inspiring, and Khloé with her fitness, and mine is kind of fashion. And we all have tutorials. We all have such different personalities that we're excited to share that and give this an extra depth of who we are​."

"Kim inspired me," Kylie said. "Remember I asked you about the best lighting? Kim started filming makeup tutorials before me and I think the makeup artist we sometimes share was telling me that Kim was shooting these videos and she sometimes uses these lights, and it inspired me to film videos. Kim was doing a lot of fun stuff and, yeah, it inspired me to get it going and make it the best I could get it.​"

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2. Kourtney's app isn't out yet but will be later this year. "I think mine is more curated," she explained. "I am obsessed with interior design, so I am obsessed with that. I am obsessed with being a mom. I have very specific ways of being a mom as well, so I love sharing. All of my friends come to me with mom questions, so, you know, just sharing my favorite things. But what I was going to say is, like, there's not one thing on mine that I am not, like, obsessed with. Like, thoroughly. So I think it's—we are super involved and it's, like, it's our site; it's a complete representation of us." She added, "I can't wait till mine launches. It's just so exciting to have a place to get our messages across."

3. The sisters will share many more photos and videos on their apps than they currently do on their social media accounts. "I share so many photos but sometimes people get annoyed if you share too many photos," Kim said. "Also," added Kylie, "on Instagram, I feel like you post one photo from one event or one situation, but you have so many other photos beyond that, so you can show the rest of the photos." "And longer description and video," Kim continued. "I've done a lot of unique photo shoots that I've done just for the app."


4. One of Kim's photo shoots was done at 6 a.m. at a waterfall in Thailand. "I've spent the last two years with my assistant, Stephanie, running around, waking up at 6 a.m. in Thailand just to go to a waterfall, getting video for the site," Kim said. "We all have really unique things that we're so excited to share, but I think it's just an in-depth—you know, someone tweeted at me today and was like, 'You know, I just feel like you're like my BFF from seeing this site and the app,' and that's exactly what we wanted."

5. The sisters spent a year to a year and a half, Kim estimates, prepping content for their apps. They partnered with a company called Whalerock. Kim explained how she knew they were The One. "You just know when you find the right partner when you respect [them] and they respect you and they have the same business wishes as you," she said. "We just knew it was the right partnership because they were willing to [let] us have our opinions and give us amazing suggestions." 


6. These apps are not a forum for haters. It sounds like the comment section will be heavily moderated. Kim felt inspired by her daughter, North, to make the apps a positive place. "Social media, when you think of it, most of us—Kendall and Kylie kind of grew up with it, but the rest of us did not, and it's a completely different world. Does it scare me a little bit? Absolutely. I think any mom would feel that way. But you have to put out as much amazing content and things you really believe in." She added, "I love feedback from people and so we're going to think about that and hopefully we can come up with some comment control, something that would make it a happy, uplifting place—not a negative place because I don't think that's good for anyone's soul. Constructive criticism is always good, but it's scary when you have a teenager that wants to get into social media."


Khloé elaborated: "We want to start changing the way of social media and [have] it be all positives. And that's why [with] each one of our blogs, we are bringing something, a take-home — a tutorial. Everyone wants to know about my fitness routines and you get a glimpse at that. How to make yourself better, mind, body, and soul. And it's not just about a visual aesthetically—here's a cool selfie. It's a how-to." 

But fear not! "Well, I might do the selfies," Kylie said. You do you, girl!

7. Even though the apps look similar, the sisters say they didn't see one another's apps until they were done. "I realized today that mine is the only white one and I got really excited," Kendall said. 

"My favorite color is teal. I always go back to that with my hair color or whatever, so I wanted to incorporate that," Kylie chimed in. "Kim's is black and white, obviously!​" 


"Yeah, but it might be white with black," Kim said. "I've been trying to decide that for a long time. But the icon right now is black with my signature. I really wanted my signature there.​"

"I had a fight with my manager a while ago," Kendall interjected. "I wanted to see Kylie's board so badly and she would not let me see it and I was so angry. And it's crazy how they all are similar.​"

8. The sisters will use their new platforms to shut down pesky rumors. The reason they didn't just start YouTube channels or Snapchat accounts is because no existing platform could accomplish all that they wanted to do. "I think we always knew we wanted one of our own platforms just to write about what we wanted to write about—not have any restrictions. We kind of make the rules, whether it's rumors we want to shut down, stories we want to tell, photos we want to share. I just felt like there was no other platform that could do it all unless we did it ourselves," said Kim.


​9. The sisters will use their sites to Skype with their fans. "I know on my app, there's going to be a ton of fan interaction where you can even upload your own photos," Khloé said. "I am going to do a lot of Skypeing with fans and I am going to have a lot of fan interaction and involvement is going to be across the board.​" Kylie added that she's already been Skypeing with fans so she could launch her site with it. "I want to do stuff for all of my fans and connect with you guys.​"

10. It does not sound like Kris is working on her own app yet as part of this new flight of Kardashian apps. "I'm sure she would love it​," Kendall said. "I think it would be interesting to have her perspective," Kim added. "She's been through a whole lot and she taught us everything we know, so I think it would be a really cool idea and fascinating to see my mom have an app for her demographic.​"


11. Yes, there will be a Kim Kardashian selfie tutorial. One audience member asked if Kim would post a selfie tutorial along with her site's other tutorials. "I should," she replied. "I haven't done that yet. But I will. I will do that just for you. So when that comes out, know that's for you. I will do that—that's a good idea!​"


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