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13 Times We Wished We Were Nadine Lustre

Because at one point we all said, 'Sana ako na lang si Nadine.'

1. When James Reid confessed his love to Nadine Lustre in front of the whole world.

We lost it when our favorite on-screen couple finally admitted that they were dating IRL. The actor revealed he loved Nadz during the#JaDineInLoveConcert on February 20, saying, "I love you!" for everyone to hear. Ang haba ng hair mo, Nadz!

2. When she can just stare (and TOUCH) James’ abs.

Yeah, so you've seen all of his clips where he's basically half-naked, but when your boyfriend is James Reid mapapasabi ka na lang ng, "James, thank you because reality is finally better than my dreams." LOL!

3. When she slays Instagram with her OOTDs.

You always try to recreate her outfits that’s why you’re a resident tambay of her IG page. For people who haven't followed her on Instagram yet, sucks to be you, because her account is private now.

4. Every time you watch Clark and Leah's kissing scenes.

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On The Wings Of Love’s Most Approved Kiss was your favorite episode, and you kept squealing and hitting people because you just couldn't handle the kiligAminin, you also wondered how that kiss felt like. #Inggit.  

5. When James posted this photo with the sweetest caption ever!

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“This is the highlight of my life so far. Our adventure has just begun." SHAKING AND CRYING.

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6. And this photo, too!

Who else wants to be called "stunning" by this generation’s hottest heartthrob? YOU. That’s who.

7. When her eyebrows are on fleek.

Which is all the time? And here you are still wondering how to get the perfect arch. The struggle is real.

8. When James never let go of Nadine’s hand during their entire OTWOL Achieved! Reel to Real interview.

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They were consistent from start to finish! Ughhhh.

9. When this "Marvin Gaye" prod happened.

No one can deny that these two are IN LOVE. Did you see the way James stared at Nadine? Ako na lang, James! Ako na lang! *cries*

10. When you realized they were seriously ~*destined*~ for each other.

ICYMI: Nadine auditioned for Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash, where James was eventually proclaimed the winner. They never met there obviously, because she didn't get in, but destiny has a wicked sense of humor, don't you think?

11. When you found out that she was courted by James—the Filipino way.

And Nadine’s dad was the first one to know about their relationship! Sweet!

12. When you look at her, basically.

Nadine’s glowing skin is just TDF.

13. She's super real.

Everybody knows who she is, but despite the fame, she's always been grounded and true to herself! You deserve everything this life has to offer, Nadz! You are a great role model and our life peg forever. <3

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