15 Reasons Why We're Obsessed With Paolo Roldan

Wondering who Bench Body's latest endorser is? Read this and you'll be sold on why Paolo Roldan is the man.

1. There won't be a language barrier.

New York-based Paolo was born in Quezon City and raised in Canada. When asked by abs-cbnnews.com if he knows how to speak in Filipino, he answered, "Marunong ako mag-Tagalog."

Quick! Fast-forward to 0:58 to see it for yourself!

Video from: YouTube

2. He loves good girls.

In an interview with the Philippine Star, Paolo admitted he’s used to being around gorgeous babes. So for him, what draws him to a girl is if she has a “good heart.” (We swear we just heard you sigh!)

Image from: Paolo Roldan Facebook Page

3. THIS.

Video from: BenchTV Youtube Page

4. And THIS:

GIF from: Poison Paradise

5. He likes to reflect on the deeper things in life.

Image from WhyNot Models.

6.  He makes tighty whities look so damn good. Period.

Image from WhyNot Models.


7.  How many guys can rock printed pants like he can?

Image from: HomeMode

8.  Yeehaw! We love a no-fuss cowboy.

Image from WhyNot Models.

9.  He’s prom date material—imagine slow dancing with this sexy beast.

Image from WhyNot Models.

10. He’s a good kisser. Girls fall in line.

P.S. Paolo was actually a fashion buyer who went to New York on business in 2009. He caught the eye of Boss Models New York founder and owner David Bossman, who asked him to do some test shots. The rest, as you know, is supermodel history.

Boss Models New York founder and owner David Bossman - See more at: http://www.spot.ph/peopleparties/47815/international-pinoy-male-models-brent-chua-ram-sagad-paolo-roldan/3#sthash.6OfbPGQk.dpuf

Image from: Asian Models Blog

11.  We love a man in uniform. Therefore, we love Paolo in THIS uniform.

Image from WhyNot Models.

12.  Those abs—those glorious, glorious abs. Hello, sex cuts!

Image from: Paolo Roldan Facebook Page

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13.  His abs. 

Check out the Bench Body fashion show here!

Photo by: Jico Joson

14.  Did we say abs?

Photo by: Jico Joson

15.   We think we did.


Photo by: Jico Joson

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