16 Times Taylor Swift's Cats Wanted Everyone To Die

Except Satan. We're pretty sure they're good pals with him.

1. I can see your soul and I do not like it.

2. Just chilling (and covering a tiny knife I have fashioned from hairballs)

3. When I grow up, I am going to get my revenge.

4. Get your hands off me, you witch.

5. You literally disgust me with your presence, human

6. Touch me and I will legit scratch your eyes out.

7. You will regret taunting us when you are our human slave.

8. Your picture-taking will not stop my silent musings on your death.

9. When I take over the world, you will be my first human sacrifice.

10. I will dismantle everything you have worked for, one scratch at a time.

11. My plan to suffocate you in your sleep can finally be implemented.

12. I am saying "PISS OFF" in cat lingo, you furless creature.

13. This is how we will walk on your grave when we have completed our world domination.

14. I will watch you until the poison takes hold.

15. I despise everything the human race stands for.

16. And I will not rest until the cats have had their day of power.

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