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2011 Cosmo Centerfold: Hideo Muraoka

The sexy Brapanese charmed the whole Cosmo team at his shoot with that hot bod of his and his amusing answers to our questions, which you'll read here. Plus, you can view outtakes at last!

Cosmo 2011 Centerfold Hideo MuraokaHideo Muraoka made us feel kilig when we shot him for his July Man On Fire feature, but we were not prepared to be blown away by his hotness when we shot him again for the Cosmo Men supplement, where he's one of our 10 celebrity Centerfolds. In those tiny trunks we made him wear at the shoot, he looked like a living, breathing, irresistibly approachable Adonis with a genuinely friendly smile. He was a dream to work with: He could follow directions easily, looked gorgeous in every shot, was game for anything, gave charming answers in his interview, and even took the time to hang out with the team when all the work was done.

Before you launch the gallery for your behind-the-scenes access to his Centerfold shoot--at last--read his full interview below to get to know his sexy, romantic, and funny side more! (And, if you can't get enough of Hideo, watch for him at the telecast of the Cosmo Bachelor Bash on ETC this Sunday, November 27, at 9PM!)

What do you think sets you apart from other Brapanese models on the scene now?

I don't usually compare myself to anyone. I compare myself to the best that I can do, that I can be. I'm very focused, I'm very dedicated, I want to learn Tagalog as soon as possible. I've been studying lately, I started to eat really healthy, too. I started to not eat junk food and those kind of things. And, I'm doing a lot of sports lately. Before, I used to do lots of heavy weights, and now I'm just doing sports, capoeira, MMA, soccer... I feel good.

What turns you on?

Girls who know what they want.

And what turns you off?

Maybe a selfish girl.

What do you love most about women?

Well, I love everything about women except the drama... I'm just kidding. I love everything about women: the hair, the way they walk. I don't know... I feel that women are much more forward than guys, like when they are teenagers, they are much more mature than the guys.

What makes a woman really attractive to you?

I like a strong woman, a strong personality. I like one who is funny also. I like that she has my style of life. I'm very active, I'm very sporty. I always like to do something new, I'm always trying to look for something.

What's your idea of a fun date?

Depends on the person. Of course the place, everything can help, but if you have a nice person with you, anything you do is going to be nice. Watch a movie, go to a nice dinner, go on a nice trip, or you can do nothing at all--if it's a nice person, then it's okay.

What would make you want to commit to someone?

When we understand each other, we have lots of conversation, we can have a good relationship. Yeah, I think conversation is most important in the relationship.

What's the sweetest thing you've done for a woman?

I think I traveled miles away just to meet the person--on the other side of the world. I went from Asia to Europe, then Europe to Brazil, just to meet the person.

Do you like it when girls are adventurous in bed?

I don't know, it's up to the couple, 'di ba? You can try something if both feel comfortable... That's why I like girls who have energy. (Laughs.)

What's your sex fantasy?

I don't know... Hmm... Maybe two girls, three girls... I'm gonna die later. (Laughs.)

What's the wildest thing you've ever done while traveling?

I don't remember actually. I was crazy... Just kidding. I remember flashes of that... Actually, I don't really remember. I party too much maybe... (Laughs.)

Launch the gallery to see photos of Hideo on the set of his Centerfold shoot! You can also watch his behind-the-scenes video here. Don't forget to watch the telecast of the Cosmo Bachelor Bash on Sunday, November 27, 9PM, on ETC!

With reports from Trixie Reyna

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Before sweeping us off our feet with his stunt at the Bash, this Brazilian first made us swoon at his Cosmo Centerfold shoot, where he wore nothing but sexy trunks when he posed for us in a pool! His interview is guaranteed to make you giggle, too!

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