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22 Very Real Group Chat Problems That This World Will Not Stop Giving Us

Chismis never stops.

​1. Organizing ANYTHING in a group chat is virtually impossible. ​It's like trying to do brain surgery with a hair clip. It just doesn't happen.

2. Getting an early night isn't a thing when you've got a million notifications pinging into your inbox every hour. Tama na. 

3. If you turn your phone off for 20 minutes, the chances are you've missed 15 pieces of vital information by the time you turn it back on. Ang daming chismis! 

4. Ditto if you don't read the messages as soon as they pop up. ​Plans have probably already changed by the time you do. 

5. Waiting for an important message from the boy you're seeing is HELL, because every time you think it's him it's actually just Sandra telling the group about her new lipstick.

​6. People get really offended if you read and don't reply. ​GOD DAMN YOU WHATSAPP AND YOUR DOUBLE BLUE TICK.

​7. And yet it's totally okay when they don't reply to you. Do they not care about the fit man on the tube?

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8. Your photo library is full of photos and screenshots ​from other people's conversations and lives that you don't necessarily want engraved in your  phone album forever. 

9. ​They are SO distracting. ​"Yes I know I should be sleeping but Nicole and Cheska just have so much chismis!!!"

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​10. When the rest of the group talk about something ​and you have absolutely no idea what they're going on about, life is hard.

11. ​You get double FOMO from things you can't go to ​because not only do group plans get made on the chat, but the debrief goes down on it too.

12. ​It gets really awkward when other members start bitching ​about something or someone you like. They go on a rant about mayonnaise? You're eating chips 'n' mayo right now. 

​13. There's always one person ​that shares way too many ​details about absolutely everything. 

 14. When two people have a full on conversation ​in the group chat. DO YOU KNOW WHAT TEXTING IS?

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15. When everyone is replying and typing too quickly to appreciate your funny comment that took you ages to think of. 

16. If you're ever with someone who isn't in the group chat, they think it's really rude that your phone just won't stop going off.

17. When you're with your whole squad, your phone never goes off because they're you're all together in person. Now what do you do when everyone else seems to be on their phones?

​18. There's that one person who will reply once in a blue moon ​with something totally random and irrelevant, and then go back into group chat obscurity. 

​19. If you make a typo or grammar error, ​expect the rest of the group absolutely roast you until the end of time (read: until someone else makes a mistake.) #PerfectKayoEh.

20. When someone replies or reads the group message, ​and yet has been ignoring your private message all day.

​21. When someone adds you to ANOTHER group chat and you don't really want to be there. Er, so can I leave or what?

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22. And yet, if they had a group chat without you? Cue Janis Ian's "THOSE BITCHES."

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