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Aww, 2NE1 Got Together For Minzy's Birthday!

PHOTO: Instagram/daraxxi

It's always a tearjerking moment whenever we get to see our fave K-pop groups reunite. 

On Friday, 2NE1 members Sandara Park, CL, Bom Park, and Minzy got together. Blackjacks, rejoice! The last time we saw them with one another was in May 2020, when they celebrated their 11th debut anniversary.

The ladies took to their Instagram accounts to share fun pics from the party, which was actually organized to celebrate Minzy's 27th birthday. That strawberry cake was too cute, with the squiggly-shaped candles! In all their photos, we can see them wearing face masks. It's good to know they're keeping safe!


"The members all got together to celebrate maknae Minzy’s birthday!" Dara's heartfelt IG upload read. "We went to hang out at CL's studio since it's her 12th birthday as 2NE1, there are 12 candles. The cake turned out like that when CL took the plastic off. It's so great when the members meet up. I feel at ease and keep laughing, and I have a good time. My members, who keep growing and growing. You're so cool! There's so much I want to say, but I'll stop here because I think it would be 100 pages long if I wrote it all. I love you so much, 2NE1! Happy birthday Minzy!” 

"Thank you for the birthday wishes," Minzy said in her IG post. "2NE1, long time no see." Aww!

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Bom Park had something similar to say: "My members that I met for the first time in a while, I love you. Happy birthday, Minzy."

We can even see a short clip of Minzy blowing her cake in CL's post:


The girls have been keeping themselves super busy. Dara has been uploading regular content on her YouTube channel (she even did a cover of Inigo Pascual's "Dahil Sa 'Yo" with iKON's Jay). In 2020, CL released her comeback single +HWA+ and is set to release her studio debut album +ALPHA+ in the first half of 2021. In November 2020, Minzy officially became a Viva artist and released a Tagalog cover of her song "Lovely," while earlier in January Bom shared her 11-kilogram weight loss journey as she prepares for her comeback.

We miss seeing them together! Happy birthday, Minzy!

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