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30 Quotes You Must Know From President Duterte's SONA


On Monday, July 25, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte delivered his first ever State of the Nation Address (SONA) during the 17th Congress opening at the Batasang Pambansa Complex in Quezon City.

“We cannot move forward if we allow the past to pull us back. Finger-pointing is not the way. That is why I will not waste precious time dwelling on the sins of the past or blaming those who are perceived to be responsible for the mess that we are in and suffering from,” he said.

There were also light moments during the hour-and-a-half speech where our first Mindanaoan President ad libbed to the enjoyment of the audience. Below are 30 quotable quotes from his SONA:

1. “Lest I be misunderstood, let me say clearly that those who betray the peoples' trust shall not go unpunished and they will have their day in court. And if the evidence warrants, they will have their day of reckoning too.”

2. “I heard the people on the streets complain that justice had become illusory. That equity and fairness and speedy disposition of cases had deteriorated into hollow concepts.”

3. “I wish to assure everyone though that vindictiveness is not in my system of justice. Equal treatment and equal protection are what I ask for our people.

4. “But we must have the courage to fight for what we believe in, undeterred by the fear of failing or losing. Indeed, courage knows no limits. Cowardice does.”


5. “Let me assure you that while I’m a stickler for the principle of separation between church and state, I believe quite strongly that there should never be a separation between God and state.


6. “The fight against criminality and illegal drugs and corruption will be relentless and sustained.”

7. “There will be no letup in this campaign. Double your efforts, triple them if need be. We will not stop until the last drug lord, the last financier and the last pusher have surrendered or put behind bars. Or below the ground if they so wish.”

8. “To our police officers and other officials, do your job! And you will have the unwavering support of the office of the president. I will be with you all the way.”

Abuse your authority and there will be a hell to pay. For you will have become worse than criminality itself.

9. “In this quest, I will put at stake my honor, my life and the presidency itself.

10. “Let me repeat my warning to all. I repeat my repeat, my repeat to all. Do not do drugs. Because you will be the solution to the drug crisis that has engulfed the nation.

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11. “There can never be real, tangible, and felt development without making our people feel secure. And it is our duty to uplift the people’s welfare.”

12. “Social justice will be pursued even as the rule of law shall at all times prevail.”

13 “My administration shall implement a human approach to development and governance as we improve our people’s welfare in the areas of health education adequate food and housing,  environmental preservation and respect for culture.”

14. “Human rights must work to uplift human dignity. But human rights cannot be used as a shield or an excuse to destroy the country.

15. “The full force of the AFP will be applied to crush these criminals who operate under the guise of religious fervor. The AFP shall enhance its capability to search and engage this rogue and lawless elements.”

16. “Addressing global warming, shall be our top priority but upon a fair and equitable equation. It must not stifle our industrialization.”

17. “Enduring peace can only be attained only if we meet these fundamental needs of everyone: man, woman and child.’

18. “All of us want peace. Not the peace of the dead but the peace of the living. We express our willingness and readiness to go to the negotiating table and yet we load our guns, fix our sights, pull the trigger. It is both ironic and tragic and it is endless.”


19. “What I see instead are the widows and the orphans and I feel their pain and grief and no amount of cash assistance and the number of medals can compensate the loss of a human life.”

20. “Sorrow cuts across every stratum of society. It cuts deeply, and the pain lasts forever.

21 “We are going nowhere. And it is getting bloodier by the day.”

22. “Let me make this appeal to you. If we cannot as yet love one another then in God’s name let us not hate each other too much.

23. “I say the same to you today. We will strive to have a permanent and lasting peace before my term ends. That is my goal, that is my dream.

24. “I assure you a clean government… Ako makagarantiya ako 100 percent it will be clean.

25. “Wag ninyo sirain 'yung mga bagay-bagay na ginagawa naming para sa kapakanan ng tao.

26. “He who is the cause of the cause, is the cause of them all.

27. “This government does not condone violence and repression of media.

28. “Make use of the computer. I do not want to see lining up under the heat of the sun. I do not want people lining up under the rain.”

29. “For those who have valid reasons to complain about graft and corruption, the gates of Malacañang will be open. Doon ka, magsumbong ka.

30. “This administration vows to protect women’s rights and human rights abuses against our women because it is unacceptable [na] magbugbog ka ng babae.

Closing statement:

“We are imbued with resiliency that has been tested and proven. More difficult times as in the past, we have to band and act together. We have to help each other for then and only then can we truly prevail.

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