34 Thoughts While Watching One Direction's "Drag Me Down" Music Video

BRB, tapping refresh on this video.

Now that we've had enough time to process our ~feelings~ after One Direction dropped their music video for "Drag Me Down," we come to you with the different voices in our heads while we endlessly pressed replay on the video. We're pretty sure you did the same, so here goes nothing. Press play and scroll through our list.

1. They did shoot the video at NASA!

2. OMG this is the first video without Zayn. Someone on our Facebook Page noted that he might be the one taking the video. :P)

3. Hiii, BB.

4. Loving the air guitar skillz, Liam and Niall.

5. Ooh, the boys ~training~ to be astronauts.

6. LOL, name one boyband music video that has a similar shot like this (clue:B_B).

7. Louis' hair looks really good in this.

8. YASSS. More Liam close-up shots, please.

9. Niall's marsala ankle booties on fleek.

10. A bit of a stretch there, Niall.

11. I see you, Harry. 

12. Not even halfway through this and I already know I'm going to press replay right after it ends.

13. I don't want it to end yet, though.

14. This jacket really reminds me of something I saw in Forever 21. LOL. I want it.

15. That face! (Referring to Liam, of course.)

16. #SquadGoals

17. I really like Niall's boots.

18. Aww, that smile.

19. We might as well just screencap the whole thing, no?

20. Loving this slo-mo walking thing. They look like legit astronauts. 

21. Okay, maybe not, but who cares?

22. Sing it!

23. Okay, we can't not GIF that hair flip.

24. Wait, where are you guys going?

25. Are they going to the moon? Or maybe Mars?

26. They seem a bit unsure, too.

27. Bon voyage, boys!

28. Maybe leave me the booties, Niall?

29. That note, though. (Sorry, it's blurred.)

30. Our friend predicted there'd be some sort of explosion in the "Drag Me Down" video. A rocket launch is a close second, maybe?

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31. Successful mission, Houston!

32. Wait, does this mean the video's almost over?

33. What's going on, Niall?

34. Okay, let's press refresh and do it from the top.

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