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6 Epic Falls That Will Totally Make Your Day

Falling over is the new black.

Falling over is in style, and Jennifer Lawrence is the biggest trendsetter of them all.

It all started with some stair action at the 2013 Oscars...

And then THIS, at the recently-concluded Academy Awards. 

Seriously, we should all take a hint and figure out our signature fall already.

To give you some ideas, here are different ways you can trip in style, as seen on TV and film:

The Gracie, From Miss Congeniality

Best done on your way to accepting an award, so people won't hate you for being perfect. 

The Carrie, From Sex And The City

There is only one scenario when falling like this is forgivable: when you find yourself wearing badazzled undies and a belted trenchcoat. (Challenge accepted.)

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The Cady, From Mean Girls

Tripping 101: Wear nice underwear at all times, because you'll never know when this will happen to you. 

The Cher, From Clueless

Practice makes perfect. Try horizontal falling first, then work your way up to vertical falls.  

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J. Law approves.


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