6 Things You Should Never Post On Social Media

6 Things You Should Never Post On Social Media

Spare yourself from the embarrassment.

We get it. Sometimes we just can’t help but let our emotions take over as we share things on social media. Be it an angry tweeting spree about our horrible bosses, a humble brag IG post of our plane ticket, or a screencapped text exchange posted on a friend’s wall on Facebook, we sometimes divulge way too much info about our thoughts and whereabouts.

Don't get us wrong: it's your account and you may do as you please. But do remember that there are a few limitations you might want to impose on yourself to spare you from potential harm. Below are some of the things you should veer away from posting on social media.

1. Personal identification and classified information

Okay, fine. You aced that 2x2 picture and now your passport looks like a model’s polaroid. But do you seriously want everyone on your followers list to see your address, passport number, and other confidential info? If not, then better blur those details out or just don't post it at all.

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2. Relationship problems

Talking to friends and family after a recent fight with your bae is normal. But posting about it on Twitter or Facebook just creates a whole new mess that you seriously wouldn’t want to clean up after.

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3. Money

If your goal in life is to get robbed, then by all means, go ahead and post a photo of yourself bathing in a tub of Benjamins (or Ninoys and Corys.) That aside, flashing your dough is just downright tacky and cheap.

4. Illicit substances

Having a cocktail and smoking a cigarette is one thing, but downing a whole bottle of Armadale vodka and snorting crack takes you to a whole new level you wouldn’t even want to be on. Pray that no one calls the cops on you.

5. Personal opinions about work

Chances are, someone from the office will eventually find out. Let's hope it's not your boss.

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6. Nudes

Do you really want everyone to see EVERYTHING? This one's pretty self-explanatory.

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