6 Times FHM's Sexiest Jennylyn Mercado Was Just Like Us

She could be, like, our BFF.

Congratulations are in order, because Jennylyn Mercado just topped FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World for 2015The actress also won Teleserye Actress of the Year at the PEP List Year 2 Awards. Despite her achievements, the 28-year-old star is one of most down-to-earth women in the industry. Here, six times Jennylyn proved that she's just like us!

1. When she and fellow actress Empress Schuck had a #twinsies moment

2. When she did a friend's mani

3. When she had her game face on 

4. And when she didn't

5. When she mischievously posed with this trick art because WHY NOT

6. When she had this whole cake to herself


To see more of Jennelyn Mercado, visit femalenetwork.com!

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