7 Of The Funniest Pinoy Internet Sensations You Should Be Watching

They'll make you laugh in less than six minutes, promise.

1. Galileo Araguirang

Kris Aquino may not be everyone’s favorite local personality, but she sure is a favorite on Dubsmash. This U.P Los Baños student’s dubs of Kris are perfectly in sync, down to the facial expressions and famous Krissy laughter.

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2. Maine Mendoza

This pretty lady has the craziest facial expressions. If you’re not tired of Kris Aquino yet, Maine’s Kris Dubsmash has reached over 2 million views. She also does dubs of popular vines.

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3. Allan Soriano

Also known as Ate Charo online, this web personality became infamous for a while after some netizens were irked by his “Prank Calls” series. Still, he remains a funny favorite on the interwebs, with his entertaining spoofs of Pinoy teleseryes and witty commentaries on Pinoy pop culture.

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4. Aiza Seguerra and Liza Diño-Seguerra

Many celebs have also been taken by the Dubsmash craze, including celebrity couple Aiza Seguerra and Liza Diño-Seguerra. Check out the Instagram tag #zazadubsmash for the couple’s dubs of iconic Pinoy teleseryes. (The original Claudia Buenavista, Jean Garcia, even makes a guest appearance in their Pangako Sa’yo dubsmash. OMG!)

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5. Lloyd Café Cadena

This YouTube sensation has probably appeared on your Facebook feed once or twice (that is, if he hasn’t completely taken over it yet), if not on video then probably on a meme. Lloyd has a video for every aspect of your life, giving advice and providing commentary that’s both funny and super relatable. No wonder he’s all over the internet.

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6. Mikey Bustos

This Fil-Canadian DJ, singer, comedian, and Ambassador of Filipinos on YouTube produces hilarious parodies of Filipino culture and Pinoy versions of global pop culture. Sure, his videos might be cringe-worthy (because of how true they are) but they’re good-natured and truly laugh-out-loud funny.

Check out: Adobo (Let It Go Parody):

7. Bogart the Explorer

If the exaggerated-but-weirdly-accurate Australian accent doesn’t crack you up, Bogart’s explorations of uniquely Filipino species, from the Philippine epaloid to the Philippine snatcher, will surely do the job. He also has interviews with Hollywood celebrities: his interview with Zoe Saldana is charming and intelligent. Hopefully he gets to interview more A-listers in the future!

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