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8-Year-Old Boy Drives Van To McDonald's Without Causing Accidents

He learned how to drive by watching YouTube instructional videos.

An eight-year-old boy in East Palestine, Ohio has both horrified and impressed netizens after he managed to drive a van from his home to a McDonald's outlet that was about a mile away without hitting anything. The boy's four-year-old sister was also in the vehicle with him. The two of them just really wanted cheeseburgers.

"The boy took money from his piggy bank to finance the fast-food adventure, and lifted the vehicle's keys after his father went to bed early and his mother nodded off on the couch," reports Inside Edition.

The report notes: "The boy was able to reach the pedals by standing up while driving. He maintained the speed limit and executed a perfect left turn into the drive-thru lane, where he came to a stop at the window and placed his order."

The McDonald's crew initially thought that it was prank. They couldn't believe that a little boy was driving the van. Fortunately, a customer recognized the kids and called their grandparents. The report adds, "Police called their parents, and all of the relatives hurried to the restaurant."

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East Palestine police officer Jacob Koehler was the first respondent on the scene. He immediately asked the boy how he managed to drive the van. Koehler related: "He said he and his sister looked up how to drive on YouTube. They waited until mom fell asleep and grabbed her keys."

The little boy began to cry when he realized he'd done something wrong. Fortunately, no charges were filed against him or his parents especially since he followed all the traffic rules and didn't cause any accidents. As Koehler said, "It was remarkable. He got him and his sister to McDonald's without hitting anything or running any red lights."

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