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9 Reasons Why Margot Robbie Is Our New Girl Crush

PHOTO: Lia Toby/

1. She looks badass as Harley Quinn for the Suicide Squad movie.

Any girl who can upgrade clown makeup and make it look extra killer is a goddess in her own right.

2. The character of Harley Quinn has become so popular among fans that a solo film is rumored to be in the works.


She’s also going to be producing the said movie. Girl’s so fly, she cut her own movie deal!

3. She’s had her fair share of strong roles.

Before being cast as vixen villain Harley Quinn, she made her presence known in Hollywood after starring as Naomi Lapaglia in the Wolf of Wall Street back in 2013. Her latest role as Jane in The Legend of Tarzan gives the damsel in distress trope a modern twist.

4. She’s really, really, really good with accents!

Check out how she masked her super cute Aussie accent for her role as a Brooklyn babe for director Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street.

5. Her leading men are only the best in the biz.

She’s shared silver screen time with the likes of Leo DiCaprio, Will Smith, and Alexander Skarsgård. Hirap maging artista!

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6. She’s got the most striking blue eyes!

Trust us, they’re hypnotic AF!

7. And her bodacious bod is your new fitness goals!

Margot Robbie in a bikini is just TO. DIE. FOR.

8. She’s visited the Philippines and she loved it! 

She enjoyed swinging from a rope and plunging into a river in Bohol, the beaches of El Nido, and did some charity work for the Rise Above Foundation in Cebu.


9. She’s a farm girl at heart. 

She grew up with her grandparents on their farm in the Gold Coast, which means that she isn’t always about the glitz and glamour. It’s nice to know that a leading lady like her still knows how to get down and dirty.

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