9 Reasons Why We Adore Hugh Jackman

Seriously, we're just finding an excuse to stalk the Wolverine star online.

With The Wolverine showing in theaters already, we decided to list down nine good reasons why we adore Hugh Jackman. Although we don't really need to explain why we love him, we figured it'd be the perfect excuse to stalk him on the internet.

1. He's super talented. Check out this video of him and Neil Patrick Harris performing a duet for the 2011 Tony Awards:

Source: Youtube

2. He loves being a dad. Hugh and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness adopted Ava and Oscar after Deborra suffered multiple miscarriages. Hugh told Katie Couric on her talk show Katie: ''Deb and I always wanted to adopt. So that was always in our plan. We didn't know where in the process that would happen, but biologically obviously we tried and it was not happening for us and it [was] a difficult time. We did IVF and Deb had a couple of miscarriages. I'll never forget it, the miscarriage thing..."

We're so glad everything turned out well for both of them!

source: Yahoo NZ

3. He's quite the badass. (Even though he's such a sweetheart to his family!)

Source: Giphy

4. The man has moves. 

Source: Giphy

5. He doesn't mind when things get a little heated up. 

Source: Tumblr

6. He's environmentally friendly. He's been dubbed "The King of the Scooter" because he goes around the streets of NYC riding one. 

Source: Buzzfeed

7. He's flexible.

Source: PopSugar

8. He really gets into character. For his role as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, Hugh had to undergo rigorous training which included this workout:

Source: Buzzfeed

9. Best of all, he's not afraid to show affection in public. He and his wife Deborra have been together for 17 years to date—quite a feat in Hollywood!

Source: Giphy

We love you, Hugh!

Source: Giphy

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