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How to Get Dennis Trillo's Attention

Turn to p.53 of Cosmo's October 2013 issue to see more of this month's Cosmo Guy!

Who knew chatting with Dennis Trillo could be such a feat? No, he wasn’t being difficult, and yes, he was a complete gentleman. Thing is, we didn’t know where to look—we kept on glancing at his messed-up ‘do dying to be touched, his chiseled biceps bulging from his shirt, and those dreamy eyes that made us feel like we were the only ones in the room (For the record, almost the entire Cosmo team made up an excuse to be part of his Cosmo Guy photo shoot.). If you haven’t seen this month’s issue with Carla Abellana on the cover, grab a copy and turn to p.53 ASAP—and if you feel like you want to know more about Den, read on—he told us stuff we’re sharing with you, ‘cos girl friends don’t keep secrets.

For starters, let’s take a peek at Dennis’ rockin’ bod during the Cosmo Bachelor Bash:


How does this COSMOMEN centerfold hunk stay fit? Surfing and boxing are his main forms of exercise, but most of the time, Dennis relies on his Nike Plus app to keep him on track. “Tapos pag tinatamad ako, may mga dumbbells, pull-up bars, at kettle bells ako sa bahay,” he shares.

The My Husband’s Lover star is also into Mixed Martial Arts, specifically Yaw-Yan—a Filipino style of kickboxing resembling Muay Thai. According to Wikipedia, Yaw-Yan is also called Sayaw ng Kamatayan or “Dance of Death,” and when we asked Dennis if he actually knows some moves, he replied, “Oo, kaya kong mag-knock out ng tao.”

So this means he can protect us, and kick someone's a** just for us. Le sigh, le swoon.

Can we take a moment to process this?

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We then saw a fading wolf tattoo on his arm and asked how many times he got inked. Apparently, of the eight tattoos scattered all over his body, his favorite is the one on his ribs—an illustration of “Jesus with a bleeding heart.” He explains, “[Si Jesus] ‘yung guide ko kasi. And doon sa side ng waist yung pinakamasakit i-tattoo, kasi yung skin manipis doon.

God-fearing and tough. Go on, Dennis, tell us more.


He may have a lot of tats, but he 'fesses up that he'll never get a piercing. “Hindi ko lang talaga gusto,” he says. But what if the girl is the one with piercings? “Okay lang, pero depende kung saang part!” 

Unfortunately, Dennis admits he cannot cook, but he’s a pro when it comes to bonding with his 6-year-old son, Calyx. “We love to swim and play video games. He likes playing superhero games on his Xbox Kinect! Very sharp siya, mabilis siyang maka-pick up,” says the proud dad.


Are there challenges when it comes to dating as a single dad? Dennis says it’s been hard to find a girlfriend since My Husband’s Lover started. “Time management talaga kailangan. Kasi noong nagkaroon ng My Husband’s Lover, every day may sched, so ang hirap isingit ng dating. Pero okay lang naman, kasi ine-enjoy ko rin maging single.”

Any tips for girls who want to catch his attention, in case he changes his mind about being single?


Gusto ko pinapatawa ako at nagluluto para sa akin. Kasi hindi nga ako marunong, so na-a-amaze ako pag may ibang taong gumagawa para sa akin!”

Copy that, Den. We’ll cook for you any time. 


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