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Make Your Move and Speak Up!

As part of Modess' "Your Voice, Your Move" campaign, the brand recently launched a book called Girl, Talk.

In light of the recent elections, Modess launched a special edition publication called Girl, Talk. The book is a compilation of issues teens are passionate about, addressed to the newly elected and incumbent senators.

Some quotes include:

"Stricter laws enforced to protect every person, especially children and teens from bullying." - Jessie

"Low tuition fees but with high quality education for a brighter future for the youth." - Razzielle

"Move against child-trafficking." - Bea

Because Modess aims to encourage these girls to be proactive with change, the books will be sent to the senators.

On May 30, 2013, Modess held the culminating activity of the project at the Mind Museum. The event’s special guests were Paulina Miranda, Chairman of the UP Diliman College of Education Student Council, Anna Oposa, co-founder of Save Philippine Seas, Raches Racelis, Faculty Member of the University of Makati, and Eligh Yu, Founder of Leaders International Christian School.

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These amazing women encouraged the teens present in the event to stand up and be heard. They reminded them that even though there were those too young to vote in the recent elections, it shouldn’t be a reason not to have a say on government policies and projects.

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So go ahead Cosmo girls, inspire the youth and speak up about the issues you're passionate about. You can also use the hashtag #MakeYourMove on Twitter!

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