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A Breakup For Dennis, Wedding Bells For Marian?

In keeping with their movie’s title, the lead stars of Regal Films’ Tarot have their fortunes read.
Marian_Dennis_main.jpgAs a press conference gimmick for Regal Films’ newest scare-fest, Tarot, they stayed faithful to the movie’s title by holding a tarot card reading for its lead stars, giving the press guests additional news material.

It was Dennis Trillo who had his fortune read first. According to his cards, he will experience another breakup this year and have two more babies!

Marian Rivera’s reading followed suit. Her baby-count went double to four, and it was said that her current love will be her final one, as she could walk down the aisle. This gave the primetime queen enough reason to shriek and giggle during the entire reading.

Oh there’s another bit of trivia for Marianettes (what her fans call themselves): the love of her life will never be as big as her, in terms of stature. Intriga, anyone? Or is this actually a given all along?

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