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Ahn Jae Hyun Claims That Ku Hye Sun 'Distorted The Truth' About Their Divorce

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It seems like the drama surrounding Korean celebrity couple Ku Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun's divorce is faaaaar from over. A few days ago, Hye Sun announced that her husband wanted a divorce, but she did not agree to one yet. She also released screenshots of their conversations on Instagram! Their agency HB Entertainment announced that to their understanding, both husband and wife agreed to a separation. Hye Sun later deleted her posts about the issue. 

Are you ready for more updates? Yes? Yes.

Yesterday, August 21, Jae Hyun took to Instagram to explain his side and talk about their marriage. In a report from Soompi, Jae Hyun's translated message repeatedly said that his wife had "distorted the truth." According to him, although their marriage had happy times, it was "very taxing for me mentally" and that he is getting treatment for depression. He also denied that he constantly talked to other women and that there was a time when Hye Sun even lied to get inside the apartment he was staying in and went through his phone. 


He added, "I saw [Ku Hye Sun's] words that she wanted to remain married. After seeing her hurt other people by distorting what we agreed on together after our long conversations, and seeing her continuously distort the truth with her words, all I could think was that now, even more than before, I don't think I can continue with this marriage."

We honestly don't know what to believe anymore! A few hours after Jae Hyun's statement, Hye Sun responded to it with her own public message. In her shocking and heartbreaking Instagram post, Hye Sun said that after getting treated for his depression, her husband started turning to alcohol and would even talk to other women on the phone in front of her. She also said that they agreed that Jae Hyun's separate apartment was "for him to focus on his acting," so she had every right to enter the place because she was his wife. 

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According to Soompi's translation, she ended her post with this: "What did I do wrong? When I asked, he told me that I'm not sexy, and my husband kept saying that he wanted to divorce me no matter what because I have unsexy nipples. Even while we were living together, my husband sometimes loudly played YouTube broadcasts that men in a marriage rut might listen to before falling asleep…I was a ghost that lived in our home. The woman you once loved so much has become a zombie. Even now."

How did it come to this?! BRB, we need to take a moment to mourn. 

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