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Alden Richards: '8 Things You May Not Know About Me'

PHOTO: Alden Richards In My Own Words/Summit Books

In case you still can't get your hands on a copy of Alden Richards’ new book, Alden Richards: In My Own Words, here's a special excerpt written by the Pambansang Bae himself!


1. I know I said I’m terrified of whales, but I’ve never actually seen one in real life – only on TV!

2. I’m very matipid. I keep track of every peso I spend, especially when I travel.

3. My mom was the first person who ever called me Tisoy. My childhood friends also call me that because my skin is very fair and my eyes are big.

4. Iron Man is my favorite superhero of all time. I like the fact that he’s human, and of course, he’s played by Robert Downey Jr. He also has the coolest weapons!

5. I think it would be really cool to be an FBI agent. Spy movies are the best! My favorites: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Kingsman: The Secret Service.


6. My Hollywood crush is Eva Green. I love her on the TV show Penny Dreadful. Her eyes are so beautiful.

7. I’m a neat freak. Sometimes, I even sleep on the floor when I have an early flight the next day so my bed would be perfect before I leave.

8. The weirdest encounter I had with a fan was when I got slapped because she couldn’t believe it was really me!

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Alden Richards: In My Own Words is published by Summit Books and will be available in bookstores nationwide for only P250. 

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