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Alden Richards Sees The Northern Lights In Iceland

Who's planning to visit Iceland too?
PHOTO: Instagram/aldenrichards02

Last month, reported that Alden Richards is planning to go to Croatia and Iceland this year because he’s a big fan of the TV series Game of Thrones, which films in those two countries.

This week, Alden checked Iceland off his 2019 bucket list. Yesterday, he visited Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital and cultural and heritage hub, and saw the northern lights!

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Through the jeep in his photos, it looks like Alden drove far from the city for a full view of the light display.

According to, the northern lights, aka aurora borealis, are visible from September to April—but that doesn’t mean you’ll see them for sure during those times. The sky has to be clear and dark, there should be no (or only very minimal) light pollution from the city, and there has to be enough solar activity (the lights happen when charged particles from the sun collide with our atmosphere or magnetic field).

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So Alden's timing is on point, making him lucky enough to catch the aurora on his first trip.