Alex Gonzaga Fifth-Wheeled During Her Family's Hawaiian Vacay!

'Balang araw talaga...' LOL
PHOTO: Instagram/cathygonzaga

Alex Gonzaga, resident third-wheeler to her ate Toni Gonzaga and kuya Paul Soriano (Remember their US trip? So fun.), has been promoted to a fifth-wheeler, with her parents joining their family trip to Hawaii!

“The family in Hawaii (Oo, wag niyo na pansinin 5th wheel ako! Balang araw talaga...),” funny girl Alex writes in her IG post. P.S. SPOTTED: Toni’s growing baby bump!

Alex channels her inner Blue Ivy with the parentals:

Ayaaannn nakita ko na si Beyonce kasama pa si Blue ivy #Mag-ina”

“Laughing with my own Beyonce and Jay Z dahil may kapareho silang damit

And, here’s a super cute photobooth pic of Alex and her OG squad:

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