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All The Times The Pastillas Girl Gave Us Real Love Talk

She wears her heart on every tweet.

So we all know the Pastillas Girl aka Angelica Jane Yap released the viral video which not-so-subtly bashes her lying cheating ex, right?

Hugot aside, Angelica DOES give some real love talk. I mean, come on, who hasn’t been in her shoes at least once in her life?

Here, we unearthed some of her best tweets that are made up of all things bitter.

When your fandom trumps all your feels

When you anticipate a breakup of someone you’re into–YAAAAAS

When you can relate to a stranger who’s gone through the same experience  

When you STILL keep tabs on your ex’s social media activities

When you find something to be optimistic about in spite of your non-existent love life

When you don't need a man in your life

When you want someone you can’t have

When dealing with all the pain

When you break a poor guy's heart

When you let yourself believe in love again


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