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WATCH: Meet The Alphabet Siblings—Abcde, Ghij, and Xyza!

If you have an interesting name, chances are you've probably been questioned several times as to why your parents chose it. Well, for anyone who's met any of the three Reynaldo siblings, it's a definite must-ask!

Abcde is the eldest, and her name is pronounced "Ab-si-dee," but she is used to people calling her the way you would say the first five letters of the alphabet, a-b-c-d-e. Her brother Ghij (pronounced "gee-j") and sister Xyza are also used to having their names spelled out when they are called.

Who thought of the naming concept? It was actually their father Florian's idea! "Lalaki sana yung pangapat, S-T-U-V. So "Stuv" dapat. Kaya lang hindi ako pinalad ng lalaki na [anak]."

Watch the video to learn the sweet reason behind Florian and his wife Rita's decision to give their kids unique names:


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