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Andi Eigenmann Just Wrote A Touching Birthday Letter For Ellie

Her words are full of pure love.
PHOTO: Instagram/andieigengirl

Yesterday, November 23, Andi Eigenmann took to Instagram to share her thoughts about her daughter Ellie’s seventh birthday.

Accompanied by a photo of her gracefully supporting Ellie on her thigh, Andi’s caption reads: “In a few hours, I will have a SEVEN-YEAR-OLD. Well, you know what they say: Time sure flies by so quickly when you are having fun! Lol. I figured since she is old enough for birthday cards, I’ll save the thank yous and I love yous for [those], but of course, she still deserves an appreciation post! Every 23rd day of November is an opportunity to celebrate that very moment you came into this beautiful world! Each year, it just becomes more and more meaningful to me. I sure feel so blessed to have my favorite human being share this super awesome life with! I am excited for what’s in store for this girl! And you are all witness to my promise that I will be there to guide her as she reaches for the stars! (Maybe even give her a boost, if needed! Just like in this picture.)”

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She also made a touching video titled “A Letter to Ellie,” released last September 22, chronicling the struggles she had in the past, and how having her daughter has changed her perspective in life. In it, she calls Ellie her life’s greatest gift, “a force so strong, a pull so magnetic,” and the person she will spend her life getting to know. For Ellie, Andi makes this promise: “As I continue to dive into unsteady waters, I will stand both for you and for me. And I will ride us to the shore of kindness and acceptance, of joy and of love, because this now will be our life.”

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