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'I'm just taking it by the day and enjoying every moment.'
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Andi Eigenmann, 28, just announced today that she's expecting her second child! On Instagram Stories, she shared that she's currently 14 weeks and three days pregnant—this being her first child with her boyfriend, professional surfer, Philmar Alipayo.

Cosmopolitan Philippines spoke with Andi about her second pregnancy, her ~new life~ with Philmar, and how her seven-year-old daughter Ellie took the news that she's going to be an ate.

What was it like when you found out you were pregnant?

Well, we found out in the middle of [Philmar's] Philippine Surfing Championship Tour. We were in Cabugao at the time, a little town in Ilocos Sur.

We were so excited but so far away from both our families so we kept it to each other for a while and a couple good friends who were there for the competition as well.


Does your pregnancy mean you are going to be settling down permanently in Baler?

I actually bought land and was trying to start basing my life in Baler already, but eventually, I realized I could actually try to achieve my bigger goal of moving to my favorite island, which is Siargao. Being with Philmar made it more possible, and I just felt like it would be easier for me to sustain living the island life if I were there [because there are] more opportunities for me. So now, I am based in Siargao—but [I split my time] half and half with Manila this time because Ellie studies in Manila still.

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Are you taking a long showbiz break while you're focusing on your new life?

I don't really want to speak for my future for now. I'm just taking it by the day and enjoying every moment of my pregnancy and life with Ellie and Philmar now. Then we will see where it goes in terms of my career.

What preparations have you been making so far for the new baby?

'Cause I'm due in July, we are busy working on our Airbnb and house so that we won't have to worry about that when the baby comes.

What was Ellie's reaction when she found out that she'll be having a new brother/sister?

Ellie was so happy and excited. She even wished for twin girls at first! She's been more updated with the baby and constantly looks at the baby app to know facts about her sibling's growth.


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