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Andi Eigenmann On Surfing While Pregnant: 'It's my personal choice of exercise'

She's looking strong at 25 weeks.
PHOTO: Instagram/choyakzchoy

Two days ago, Andi Eigenmann posted a picture of her out to sea on a surfboard. Her seven-year-old daughter Ellie and her boyfriend, pro surfer Philmar Alipayo, are smiling beside her.

This past week, Philmar has also posted videos of Andi surfing.

Andi, six months pregnant with her second child, is getting mixed reactions over her choice to continue hitting the waves. Some Instagram users are happy for her and praised her for keeping herself strong. Others, on the other hand, expressed their concern for the baby and advised Andi to be more careful. A few have also asked why Andi doesn't just wait 'til she delivers her baby girl.

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To clear things up, Andi posted a photo of her surfing. She captioned it in part, “Note: I surf with (just enough) knowledge of what I am doing, with my doctor’s permission, and with a professional surfer (@chepoxz) guiding me and making sure that the baby and I are okay. It’s my personal choice of exercise, but [that] doesn’t mean it’s okay for every other pregnant lady to do this. Every person and every body is different. [Peace] to all!”