7 Times Angel Aquino And Her Daughter Iana Were Basically Twins

We're as confused as you are!
PHOTO: INstagram/ianabernardez

Angel Aquino is 45, and her eldest daughter Iana Bernandez is 25. We're currently looking forward to Angel's role as Glory in the film Glorious, where she stars opposite everyone's new crush Tony Labrusca. We saw Iana in the independent film Gusto Kita With All My Hypothalamus, and she's actually a producer for films such as Kiko Boksingero and Kuya Wes

Here's Angel: 

And here's Iana: 

It's undeniable that the two of them look like they're sisters. No, scratch that. They could actually pass as twins! Here, more photos if you need proof:  

1. Even THEY think so. There you go.  

2. Similar profiles? Check! 

3. Here's Angel and Iana after a spa day: 

4. Here they are trying out some filters. Sooo cute! 

5. We first noticed the similarities in this pic of them lounging around in bed: 

6. They practically look the same when they're eating. 

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7. Good morning, adorable mother-daughter tandem! 

At this point we're just waiting for Iana to play the younger version of Angel in a film! 

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