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Angel Locsin Posts Her Photo With A Black Eye And Asks Netizens How To Get Rid Of It

Don't worry, guys, she wasn't abused!
PHOTO: Instagram/therealangellocsin

Imagine our alarm when we saw Angel Locsin post the following photo on her Instagram account:

"'50 Shades of Black' under my eye na sinubukan kong i-mowdel. Any helpful tips on how to get rid of a black eye quickly, aside from vitamin C, arnica, and ice? I’m proud of my battle scars but this [girl's] gotta work. PS. I was not abused. Thank you!"

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What a relief that it wasn't due to physical abuse! Angel didn't mention what the exact cause was, but she did joke about it in one of her replies to concerned fans' comments.

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"Grabe naman Ms. 'Gel, sino po gumawa sa 'yo niyan?" asked a netizen, to which Angel Locsin replied with a laughing crying emoji, "Ako po."

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Other netizens shared home remedy videos available online that might help.

Angel quickly thanked those who gave her DIY tips. It looks like she really wants to get rid of the black eye ASAP!

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Her boyfriend Neil Arce chimed in to say that the bruise doesn't matter; she's still the prettiest woman for him. Angel replied, "A sus.. Love yew."

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