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Angelica Panganiban, Erich Gonzales, And Gretchen Barretto Divulge Their Conditioning Habits

One of your ultimate style icons and two of your favorite Cosmo cover girls reveal how they really achieve their gorgeous locks that you see on TV!

We have two beauty dares. First, tell us—honestly, please!—how well do you really condition your hair?

Admit it: Some of you don’t even bother! When you’re in such a rush to get to work daily, you find it hard to squeeze in time to both condition and style your hair, right? Or, some of you might be diligent at conditioning your hair, but still find your locks dull, limp, and, well, back to being unruly by the end of the day (which, under the holiday circumstances, could be past midnight!). Do the effects of the conditioner you use last for 24 hours, or do you always have to result to tying your hair in a ponytail by the end of the work day? Tsk, tsk, nag-half-day na naman ba ang conditioner mo? Paano na ang after-work party?

Now, here’s our second beauty dare: If you can totally relate to this scenario (nahuli namin, ‘no?), then why don’t you take a page out of the beauty book of two of the most gorgeous Cosmo cover girls, Angelica Panganiban and Erich Gonzales, and one of the most beautiful actresses and local style icon Gretchen Barretto? Their secret to keeping their long hair beautiful 24 hours a day (throughout their taping, indeed) is when they said “Yes!” to using Pantene Intensive Conditioner, which now has 80% more conditioning ingredients (vs. regular Pantene conditioner).

Truth be told, before they all discovered this powerful new conditioner from Pantene, these stunning stars can’t really claim they have 24-hour smooth hair.  Like you, they’re puyat everyday from taping and showbiz commitments, which causes their hair to be tangled and dry, especially toward the end of the day.  It was actually quite a relief for them to finally have Pantene Intensive Conditioner preventing their off-cam hair woes—which are actually a lot similar to what we non-showbiz girls have to put up with! No more tali time for them now—and you can enjoy the same experience, too!

In fact, a lot of your fellow fab femmes have already caught on with this beauty must-have, and a lot of them already swear by it, as we saw in their testimonials on the Pantene Philippines Facebook page ( Haley Cortez raves, “I really love Pantene Conditioner because hindi na ako nagha-half-day tali time, and after work, I can go to any gimik I want [with] my silky hair.” Minerva Cadilena also attests, “Hindi mo na siya susuklayin, ihahagod na lang ng kamay!” Now, isn’t that something you’d want to experience, too?

When you do, don’t forget to rave all about it on the Pantene Facebook page, because, not only does Pantene give away fab prizes to their most active Facebook fans, it’s really your time to inspire fellow readers to enjoy 24-hour smooth hair like Minerva and Haley did, just now!!)

So, like Gretchen, Angelica, Erich, and all the Pantene Facebook fans, we dare you to say “Yes!” to 24-hour smooth hair and try the World’s #1 Conditioner, Pantene! Then speak up about it on Pantene Philippines’ Facebook page! Visit and Like the Pantene Philippines Facebook page ( now to see the many other inspiring hair success stories and what they can do now that they have 24-hour smooth hair!

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