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'Madaming pinagawa': Angeline Quinto Gets Candid About Her Makeovers With Vicki Belo

Angeline has been Vicki's client for the last 11 years.

Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Vicki Belo recently interviewed Angeline Quinto as they talked about the makeovers that the singer had throughout the years.

In Vicki's newest vlog uploaded on August 5, the celebrity doctor said, "Angeline and I have been together for 11 years and we've done some makeovers."

Vicki asked the singer if she was bashed before for her appearance. Angeline shared, "Before po hindi ako confident mag-smile. Kung naaalala niyo, 'yon po yung unang-una kong hininging tulong sa'yo.” 


After working on Angeline's smile, they also did other procedures such as liposuction on her arms and tummy. Angeline said that even if she's lost weight, her tummy is her biggest problem. 

Angeline revealed in the interview that she also had a breast reduction procedure done. She shared that every time she fits a gown for one of her shows, one problem area for her were her boobs, explaining "nahihirapan ako," and that it is not proportional to her height. That's why she opted to get the procedure. 

When Vicki asked about Angeline being bashed, the singer said that it happens most of the time. With statements such as "madaming pinagawa" and "wala nang natural," Angeline said that a lot of people are asking if she had any work done on her nose. Vicki said, "It's her natural nose and I can vouch for that."

Angeline also revealed that she did want to have her nose trimmed, but did not push through with it. She said, "Akala nila lahat pinaretoke ko na."

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In the interview, Vicki and Angeline also touched on topics such as the recent passing of her adoptive mother, Angeline's recent experience with COVID, and her future plans of wanting to go back to school and finish high school and eventually take up culinary studies. 

Watch Vicki's latest vlog here:

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