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Anne Curtis Just Had The Best Response To The Basher Who Told Her To Stop Singing

'I will continue to sing because I love it.'
PHOTO: Instagram/robbiepinera

Yesterday, Anne Curtis posted a clip from her AnneKULIT concert in Davao, which took place on August 30. She gushed, “A sea of lights! MY FAVORITE PART from last night! Maayong buntag! Daghang salamat, madlang Davaoeños!”

Not everyone was a fan, though. One Instagram user told Anne to stop singing. “You should really stop singing, Anne. I mean, you’re very good at acting, but sorry to say, singing is not for you. Just being honest.”

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Anne replied, “I will continue to sing because I love it. I am aware that I am not a singer, and in fact, the whole country has known this throughout my whole career. I never claimed I was. I’m actually vocal na sintunado ako, although nag-improve na ako throughout the years, in fairness to me.”

She continued, “The concerts I do are for pure entertainment AND the people who buy tickets and attend my concerts go KNOWING WHAT TO EXPECT. They know they aren’t going to hear a beautiful voice, but I do promise them a night full of fun and laughter, and that’s why I continue to do what I do. I know I am able to make people happy.”

Anne ended her response with, “If you’re so bothered by my singing, unfollow me na lang or turn off the TV when I perform para ‘di ka ma-stress! And thank you for complimenting my acting po!”

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Anne has said that the Davao concert is her tribute to all the soldiers who’ve been serving the country. Matteo Guidicelli was a special guest. He recently became the first celebrity and civilian to complete Army Scout Ranger training, and he's now a probationary second lieutenant.

Anne has supported Philippine troops before. When she found out that the company who trained her for the film BuyBust was going to fight in Marawi, she sent the men care packages to boost their morale, and included a GoPro camera for one of her friends, First Lieutenant Bala Tamayo. Bala would use the camera to film, and his footage showed everyone the Philippine Special Forces' bravery and sacrifice during the Marawi Siege.

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