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Anne Curtis And Mariel Padilla's 'The Greatest Showman' Performance Was INTENSE

Their preparations were no joke, either.
PHOTO: Instagram/annecurtissmith

This week on the variety show It's ShowtimeAnne Curtis and Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, along with their team, gave a performance inspired by the film The Greatest Showman

It's Showtime's "Magpasikat Week" is an annual event (also a competition!) where the show's hosts and their respective teams try to top each other through stunts and performances. 

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Anne and Mariel shared the spotlight as they performed an aerial acrobatic show, swinging and flipping on a hanging ~chandelier~ and on a suspended cloth. It was actually Mariel's first time to do something like this on live television! Their set was joined by Jameson Blake, Ryle Paolo Tan, Tom Doromal, Kid Yambao, and Sammie Rimando. You can watch their full performance here

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In an Instagram post, Anne thanked her fellow "ringleader" Mariel and recalled their equally intense preparations for the show:

"Thank you for all the hard work, bruises galore, clean stretching mats, suka moments, positive thinking, funniest side remarks, and most importantly the trust. You said earlier I'm so giving when it came to guiding you but honestly, that was all you. I was just there to keep you company as we swiveled and twirled in our own little world—that was up so very high. You were the bravest and greatest showman today!"

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