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Anne Curtis Reveals The Most Flattering Pose To Make Your Legs Look Longer On Instagram

BRB, doing our #OOTD now.

If you're one of those girls guilty of posting daily #OOTD posts on Instagram, Anne Curtis has one fashion tip for you: Pose with one foot forward.

"Especially when you're wearing shorts! Even in photo shoots, the photographer will always tell you to cross your legs. It'll make your legs look longer," she admits.

You would think that someone like Anne—an actress, host, recording artist, concert queen, and fashion icon with multiple endorsement deals—would need the help of a stylist every morning to help her pick clothes.

Surprisingly, she does it all on her own. 

"I don't plan an outfit, unless it's for an event, where you really need to have something made. For the outfits that I wear on It's Showtime, I just fix it in the morning. I think that helps, because there's not much time to think an outfit through. You're rushing, so you're a lot more creative," she admits.

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And by creative, she means not just layering on accessories and finding the perfect day clutch. She means going the extra mile by slipping on a err, well, a tutu. Yeah, like the one ballerinas wear!

"Tutus have always been my thing! I have a lot at home, and they're a staple in my closet. In different colors pa!"

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"Like this outfit," she says, pointing to her striped dress from Plains and Prints. "I added the tutu underneath. It's not sewed ah. I just put it under. And then sometimes I wear socks with heels para cute."

When asked to describe her personal style, Anne replied: "fun, free, and fearless!"

Spoken like a true Cosmo girl. High-five.