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Arci Munoz Fulfills Her Dream Of Opening Her Own Restaurant

'Don't let this pandemic stop you from reaching your goals.'

Arci Munoz has fulfilled her dream of owning a businessa restaurant called Yoshi-Meat-Su in Greenhills.

In a YouTube video uploaded by Star Magic on June 16, Arci shared her experience in opening a business in the middle of a pandemic. 

Arci said, "Recently, I opened two restaurants. This is the first restaurant that I opened and partnered with my closest friends."

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The actress explained that the restaurant serves unlimited yakiniku, various kinds of premium meats, and maki.

"We already conceptualized everything in 2019. But of course, with the pandemic looming, we decided to temporarily stop construction," Arci shared.

She continued, "But you know, life goes on. We were thinking about our employees, that they have to work, of course, they have to make a living. Why would we let this pandemic stop us from reaching our goals?"

Arci added, "It's always been my dream to start my own restaurant or to have my own company. With the help of my really good friends, we were able to achieve this, even in these challenging times."

"Don't let this pandemic stop you from reaching your goals," Arci said. "Eto kami ngayon. Though alam naman namin na it's really hard to start up a business at this moment, pero everything is getting better now."

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